Aircraft as a construction set

When flying is your hobby and passion, there is nothing better than building your new plane yourself. That is why we have prepared the DV-1 Skylark as a construction set. No drilling, welding or soldering required.

Build your DV-1 Skylark under professional supervision

Your passion in flying is great, yet you want to be 100% sure that when assembling your aircraft using our modular solution, you did everything technically right and there is nothing to prevent safe flying? We understand that. 

The construction of the purchased set can also be carried out under the supervision of our experienced service personnel.


Build your own DV-1 Skylark yourself

We will provide you with all the necessary components to assemble the aircraft. And of course, a detailed instruction manual.

You will save on entry costs and we will put a unique challenge in front of you. You can build your own plane.