ultralight two-seat low-wing

Fast, elegant and safe

The DV-1 SKYLARK is a great choice for your private business flights as well as for fitness and recreational flying. It is suitable for flight training as well as towing gliders. It will become your indispensable helper and joy.

As a pilot of this attractive sports aircraft, you will appreciate the easy handling and speed of the aircraft. A spacious cabin, comfortable adjustable seats and a practical luggage compartment will make your flight more pleasant.

Meet the DV-1 SKYLARK

The characteristics of each aircraft are best recognised in flight. We will be happy to present you with all its advantages and details. Simply arrange the date of your test flight with us.


Quality structure of DV-1 SKYLARK

The DV-1 SKYLARK aircraft is an ultra-light two-seat low-wing aircraft. The single engine aircraft has a fixed three-wheel nose type landing gear.

We designed the ultra-light aircraft using state-of-the-art technology from carefully selected materials to be truly light, manoeuvrable and to reach a high speed.

Unique structure

All-metal construction is standard using proven riveted and bonded joints, materials are fully treated against corrosion. The aircraft also has a secondary composite construction for elegant exterior shapes.

We make each component by hand. To achieve the aerodynamic cleanliness of the surface and reduce air resistance, we use the countersunk head rivets for skin metal sheets as the only ones on the market.

Combining traditional all-metal and composite construction, the DV-1 Skylark aircraft achieves elegant curves while maintaining great aerodynamic properties. It achieves perfect manoeuvrability and low energy consumption.


Unique aircraft for demanding customers

Our aircraft embody modern technology, with a maximum emphasis on safety and precision design. However, what is really pleasing is an aircraft with a truly original design.


Rotax 912 UL

The Rotax 912 UL has an economical engine design

  • 80 HP
    engine power
  • 4 cylinders
    air-cooled cylinders
  • 2 carburettors
    with constant pressure in the diffuser

Rotax 912 ULS

Rotax 912 ULS is one of the most frequently installed engines.

  • 100 HP
    engine power
  • 4 cylinders
    air-cooled cylinders
  • 2 carburettors
    with constant pressure in the diffuser

The fastest in its class



The Czech Kašpar production propeller was specially developed for DV-1 Skylark. This gives the aircraft even better aerodynamics and performance.



Each aircraft is equipped with a Rotax 912 UL 100Hp engine as standard



The dashboard will be made to measure according to the avionics you choose


Comfort and safety

Ergonomic adjustable seats and reliable seat belts for your comfort and safety.


"T" type tail surfaces


Embedded rivet technology

In the manufacture of wing and fuselage surfaces, we are the only manufacturer of ultralight aircraft to use flush-mounted rivet technology. Thanks to this technology, the surface of the aircraft is not only more elegant, but also reduces air resistance, increases aircraft speed and reduces fuel consumption.



Tyres with a width of 6 inches on the main chassis for
better landing also on grassy airports
The main wheels are equipped with a single disc
dual-jaw brake for better braking efficiency.




Negative flaps

10-degree negative flaps for higher speed and greater stability.

Tailor-made seats and interior

The cockpit is equipped with ergonomic adjustable seats with reliable safety features. The aircraft interior can be designed according to your wishes.

Choose from 3 seat and interior options: Sport, Standard or Deluxe.

Tailored avionics

We customise the dashboard according to your
ideas and fit it with avionics chosen by you

Technical parameters

  • 80 - 116 HP
    Engine compartment variability.
  • 1,04 m
    It is one of the largest cabins in terms of space.
  • 230 litres / 20 kg
    The size of the luggage compartment.
Wingspan 8.14 m
Storage space 230 litres
Seats 2
Engine ROTAX 912UL/ULS
Propeller Fixed / Adjustable
Maximum speed 280 km/h
Range 1200 km

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  • Spare parts availability within 24 hours
    We produce all necessary components for the DV-1 Skylark aircraft. Thanks to the large inventory and customer service we are able to distribute most spare parts within 24 hours.
  • Worldwide service
    We have a whole team of trained servicemen. They are able to arrive directly to your airport with the necessary equipment and help you whenever need.