How to make the DV-1 Skylark ultralight aircraft

The DV-1 Skylark ultra-light aircraft is manufactured in Paskov in Moravia by DOVA Aircraft. The aircraft has been manufactured since 2000 and you‘ll see its low-wing aircraft fly in the sky around the world.

Nearly twenty years‘ experience in component development and ultra-light aircraft production ensures that your DV-1 Skylark will be absolutely safe. Leading specialists take care of every ultra-light produced and the result is an aircraft with whose wings it is a pleasure to fly.

Ultra-light aircraft, also abbreviated as UL aircraft, can be used for recreational as well as sporting purposes, training, sightseeing flights and business trips. The DV-1 Skylark is a versatile two-seat machine that can handle all of this without any problems. It will surprise you with dexterity and precise control, and it will inspire you with the speed at which it can safely guide you to your destination.

Faster than the wind

The machine’s original design guarantees the aircraft‘s perfect handling and excellent aerodynamic properties. Thanks to the secondary composite construction and unique joining rivets on the wing surfaces, the ambient air gives minimal resistance to the ultralight DV-1 Skylark. The combination of elegant design and innovative structure results in higher speed and lower fuel consumption.


On the wings of harmony

Before the ultra-light DV-1 Skylark aircraft is built, each individual component passes through the experienced hands of our specialists. From the rigid chassis to the cockpit and from the propeller to the tail surfaces, the entire machine is assembled into a perfect unit. Individual parts are manufactured and assembled together with computer-controlled precision.

The wing surfaces are connected with countersunk rivet heads. The DV-1 Skylark is the only aircraft on the market to boast of this design feature. In addition to a strong and secure material connection, the rivets are aerodynamically clean. Thanks to its negligible air resistance, the ultra-light aircraft provides smooth acceleration as well as comfort speed, take-off and landing.

Engine heart of the plane

The ultra-light DV-1 Skylark aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art Rotax engines that are known for their reliability and stable performance. Thanks to the worldwide popularity and expansion of these engines among ultralights, there will be no problem finding service wherever you are in an emergency. The engine is driven by a Czech propeller, specially adapted for the DV-1 Skylark. This tailored propeller design contributes to the aircrafts better aerodynamics and overall higher performance.


Sit back comfortably

The aircraft’s spacious cockpit fully meets current standards and requirements for modern and stylish flying. In the heated cockpit you will find two ergonomically comfortable positioning chairs, where you can relax well even on long flight as well as enough space for hand luggage.

The dashboard is customisable and custom-made. Each pilot likes different avionics and in Skylark it is no problem to place the controls where you are used to. Why complicate your way to the clouds – in heaven you want to feel comfortable.

Enjoy the world from above

During production and assembly we emphasise your safety during flight. We pay special attention to all parts of the aircraft – from the engine to the last screw. Everything is subject to precise inspection of components and joints. The fuel system, the electrical system, the levers, the handles, and the flaps, everything works perfectly, like a watch. That’s why you can concentrate on the joy of flight up in the sky.